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Wichard Emergency Boarding Ladder [SP992]

Wichard Emergency Boarding Ladder [SP992]

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Emergency Boarding Ladder

The Wichard Emergency Boarding Ladder design comes from an etrier, which is used in rock climbing. The emergency ladder is easy to use, considering it simply attaches to a strong base or even a cleat on a boat. It even has a glow-in-the-dark loop, that is exposed to the side of it, which can be easily pulled and ready in seconds.


  • Nylon webbing that is double-layered and able to withstand 6000 lb loads
  • The rungs of the ladder are double-layered, which helps keep the ladder open and makes it easier for an individual to climb
  • The forged shackle ensures the ladder is secured to where it's attached
  • Comes packed in a 1000 denier Cordura bag that is ready to be mounted

*Note: Wichard recommends owners have two Emergency Boarding Ladders, one for each side of the boat